1. Can I post all 20 posts in one day? 

No, you can’t. To be entitled for the challenge rewards, you need to complete 20 posts a month to earn RM200 rewards, which is RM600 for 3 months. You have to share the posting on your Facebook or Instagram page, which must have a minimum of 100 friends or followers, and has to be done on a daily basis. You can’t share 20 posts in one day. 

  1. What if I did not make my postings public? 

Your submission will be rejected and you are required to modify your post and resubmit. Please remember to make your postings public with the specific hashtags. We welcome all of you to join our “Journey to YouthAmbassador” Webinar to understand more.  

  1. What if during the 1st 3 months period, I did not complete the 20 posts for each month? 

Your rewards will be based on monthly posting, so as long as you have completed the whole month with 20 postings, then you will be rewarded for that particular month. The RM200 cash rewards will be credited to your mecan account within 14 days of the previous month’s submission and you can transfer it to your registered bank account. 

  1. If I face any other issues/problems, what are the communication channels?

Please drop a message to us at the following channels. 

A. As a YouthAmbassador, you have to join our MeCan Trade YouthAmbassador Community Facebook group, so you can drop us a message there
B. You can also WhatsApp MeCan support team at +6019-331 3488

  1. How can I join the MeCan Trade YouthAmbassador campaign, YouthFluencer and YouthInnovator Challenges? 

Please register yourself at www.youthambassador.org or scan the QR code from our poster, join our webinar to learn how to set-up your estore and understand how to earn those challenge rewards. To join YouthFluencer and YouthInnovator, you have to become our YouthAmbassador first. 

  1. How long will it take for my account to approve?

Approximately it will take a maximum of 5 working days.

  1. Can I add my own product at MeCan.trade?

No, you cannot add your own product at MeCan trade.

  1. Can I promote my other e-commerce account such as Shopee or Lazada?

No, you cannot promote your other e-commerce account at MeCan trade community group.

  1. How is the process if someone buys the product at my MeCan shop? What is the process of delivery?

All the logistics, packaging, payment and delivery is done by the MeCan Trade team. It will be delivered within 3 working days.

  1. Can graduate students join this YouthAambassador Challenge?

Yes, as long as they still under their respective university and college who are 18 – 26 years of age at the time of entry